Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Most Played iPod Songs #3.

Hello lovelies!

I've really enjoyed posting 'My Most Played iPod Songs' and it looks like you guys have too. I'm not sure if this will be my last one or not of the little feature, I might revisit my iPod in a few months to see if they have changed and post an update. For now though, here is number three:

'Live Like We're Dying' - Kris Allen;
'Sometimes we fall down and can't get back up,
we're hiding behind skin and it's too tough,
how come we don't say 'I love you' enough til it's too late?'
I've been a fan of Kris Allen since his American Idol days and his music seems to be getting better every time he releases something new. This song was originally sung by The Script and was written by Danny O' Donoghue, but for once...I actually prefer Kris' voice over Danny's. 

'Born to Die' - Lana Del Rey;
'Don’t make me sad, don’t make me cry,
Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough
I don’t know why'.
When this song first came out, I hated it, I thought it was silly to point out a fact that everyone in the world knows. But when it started fading from radio, I finally started to appreciate it and it's become a favourite of mine now.

'New York' - Paloma Faith;
'Her name was New York, New York
And she took his heart away from mine'
I love Paloma Faith just for the person she is. She's amazing. I adore her voice and her music is just brilliant. It's really nice just to sit and relax listening to her.

What's on your iPod?
Laura x


  1. I love Lana Del Rey so much omg, she's so gorgeous!
    Do you want to do a button swap by any chance?:)

    1. Hi hun,
      I'd love to do a blog button swap, just send me an email with your button code and i'll pop it up :)

  2. I can listen to Lana del rays album on repeat again and again, luv it! x

  3. Mine is just freakin full of Beyonce and Minsistry of Sound CDs


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