Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Job Interview Help.

Job interviews are two words that I really hate hearing or reading. In my entire life I have only had three job interviews and only one of them resulted in me landing a job. So, job interviews have really become a major stitch in my side and really put me off apply for jobs, which I know is bad and I get a lot of stick from it, but c'mon, you all know where I am coming from.
Today I got an offer to go for an interview at......McDonald's. I know, not the most glamorous place to work and I know a lot of people will not work there by choice, but hey, someone's gotta take the job right? 

The point to this post is to try and gather up advice from you guys. Since job interviews hinder my chances of getting the job, I want to know what you guys did in your interviews to get your jobs, if you don't mind sharing, of course. (If you work at McDonald's that is 10000 times better!) I'd like to know what your answers would be to typically asked questions like:

- Why do you want to work here?
- Where do you want to be in five years?
- How would you describe yourself?
- How would your friends describe you?
- What can you bring to this job?
- What skills do you have?
- What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Basic questions like this make me really nervous and I think that's what ruins my chances of grabbing the job, so any tips or advice that you guys can offer me would amazing!

I really appreciate anything you'd be willing to offer :)
Laura x


  1. I recenty had a job interview and I was successful, so I hope what my answers were helped, haha.
    When they asked why I wanted to work there I told them that I wanted to be in a busy environment so that I was always kept busy and wanted to be kept interested, I said that I wanted to work with other people and customers because I love meeting new people etc. In five years time I told them I still wanted to be in education because I have high aspirations in life which require extra education (I'm only 16 so this probably only covers uni).
    Deacribing yourself, be as honest as possible, tell them about your interests. Talk about your blog, tell them how you've put much work into it because you're passionate about it and that shows you're persistent.
    When talking about skills, you're obviously creative because you have a blog, which is creative in itself. I think they like to hear you're good with numbers, can problem solve and work well under pressure etc.
    I hope I helped, lovely and the very best of luck!!
    Mia xx

    1. Thanks so much, lovely! Congrats on your job :) x

  2. Just be honest, try not to be nervous and just be confident. You're blog is amazing-think of yourself as a product that you're reviewing on your blog, think of all your good sides and why someone would want to buy you (i.e. hire you!). No matter whether the job is at McDonalds or Vogue, act like it's the most important job in that world and that you would be lucky and gracious to accept it, but most importantly, they should be gracious and lucky to accept you as part of their team! Hope this helps, best of luck! Let me know how you get on :) @Fashiondipity
    Mia x

    1. Aww, thank you so much :) x

    2. Your welcome, best of luck, I'm sure you'll get it :)xx

  3. I dont currently have a job (booo!) but ive only ever had one job interview in my life and i got that job.. the best advice i can give you is just be the person that the employer wants you to be, tell them exactly what they want to hear - of course don't out right lie about things, but make them believe that its you they want to hire.

    Its understandable to be nervous for a job interview, i know i was but when it comes to all those questions you mention just sell yourself - not literally ;) but what qualities do you have, they that can benefit from?

    I hope it all goes well, good luck!
    Natalie xx

  4. Well I was very lucky to be honest. I gave in my CV with my application and the manager at the time said before I'd even sat down 'I'm gonna give you the job I just need to check you can do over time?' and that was that.

    I had an interview last year for work with an estate agents. I had a call off the area manager and it went really well, he asked me back to a second interview but then he learned I hadn't passed my test at that time :(
    But he was asking me all your usual interview questions and I don't know what happened to me but I just blagged it, I came across really confident and friendly (I am friendly anyway) and I gave a good impression.

    Confidence! Even if you don't feel it, blag it like I did. Also, show enthusiasm and know the company! Even if it is McDonalds, employers are impressed if you know about the company: what are their ethical values?
    and SMILE!

    And if they say 'do you have any questions?' ALWAYS ask a question. Maybe, something like is there room for me to progress within this company and what is the average time scale etc, something along those kinds of lines, or are there any vocational courses available for employees bla bla bla

    I hope I've helped a little!!! Let us all know it goes!


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