Friday, 15 March 2013

Instagram #5.

Hello lovelies!
Just a quick hello for today and an instagram update. You can find me @laura210993. Feel free to follow me :)
Poser / PGR reached 12,000 pageviews (aaaah!) / My boy looking spexy / chocolate!
NOTD / Dainty Doll foundation / Warm Bodies (loved it!) / Me again (gosh!)
My boy & Toby / NOTD / Cute Tee / PGR before the pageview rise!

As you can see, my instagram page isn't that interesting, 
but like I said feel free to follow me
@laura210993 :)

Laura x
P.S. Have you all donated to Comic Relief?


  1. I haven't got round to seeing the film of Warm Bodies yet but I did read some of the book ages ago. Do you know if the film live up to it? x

    1. I haven't seen the film either, the cinema near me isn't showing it, so i'll have to wait for it online. The book was amazing though :) x


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