Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter Wishlist || Chocolate Time!

Hello lovelies!
My weekend wishlist is here! I really can't believe it's Easter already, where has this year gone? 

There has been so many gorgeous things added to the New Look website lately, I feel extremely depressed that I have no money. Why must I be jobless and poor?! I've applied for so many jobs this month and yet the job centre have the cheek to question my job searching, pfffft! Anyhoo, here's what I would buy if I had the all important concept that is money :)

Top left to right. Bottom left to right.

What's on your Weekend Wishlist?
Laura x


  1. I'm not one for skirts - at all - but I think even I'm tempted by that dip dye one! :O It's lovely!

    Maxine, xx

    1. Me neither, i'm just branching out into dresses. But yeah, totally agree, the skirts gorgeous :)


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