Friday, 1 February 2013

Valentine's Day Outfit.

Hello lovelies. 
Today I was thinking about Valentine's Day. I know it's a couple of weeks off, but it's always nice to prepare! Alex and I don't really do much for Valentine's Day. Last year he did take me to the cinema to see The Vow, which was lovely and a great film, but this year we're both on the skint side, so we'll probably have a night in with some dvds. But I'm a blogger! I love looking at clothing online and making outfits with my favourite pieces, so I decided to create a Valentine's Day date outfit and.....voila! I chose to go for more of a cute, simple look that is practical. Let me know what you think :)

1 - Heart Print Chiffon Dress with frill detail & shirred waist - Yours Clothing - £28.00
Although I'm not a frills person, I absolutely love this dress. The design is gorgeous, I love the heart shaped pattern on it and that it's quite girly. Definitely something that I wouldn't mind picking up for my wardrobe, actually.

2 - Inspire Burgundy Leggings - New Look - £9.99
I'm continuing my love for the burgundy/berry colour with this outfit, as you can see. I picked burgundy leggings to add some colour to the outfit because I think everyone associates the colour red with love and Valentine's Day, so I thought the leggings would add that nice note to the outfit.

3 - Inspire Stone Contrast Piping Trench Coat - New Look - £29.99
I know some of you might think this coat is out of place, but I'm a practical person. I realise that with the English weather, Valentine's Day will not be very hot and probably not so sunny either, so I added this trench coat more for the warmth factor.

4 - Deep Red Suedette Chelsea Wedges - New Look - £15.00
I love these wedges, I'm not a heel person (as I think I'd break an ankle very easily in them!), but I keep going back to these and getting tempted to buy them. Again, they're a berry colour with a touch of black and I think they go really nicely with the leggings. I didn't think black wedges would add anything special to the outfit, so I carried through with the berry touch.

5 - Fiorelli Dark Red Hope Bowler Bag - New Look - £29.99
IT'S BERRY! This bag looks like it would be fancy enough for a night out, but practical enough to use everyday. I, myself, like carrying a book with me and this looks like it would be big enough to hold one. I also love that it can be a shoulder bag or a carrier (don't think that's the right term) bag, so it's just a brill bag all round.

6 - Gold Anchor Drop Earrings - New Look - £2.99
These were just something I saw and fell in love with. The anchor has become quite a staple in the fashion world lately, I've also seen a lot of people with the anchor tattoo, so I wanted to add in my own anchor stamp.

Laura x

P.S. I'm still pissed at New Look, but I can't hate their clothing! 


  1. Love this post! Might do one myself, if you don't mind :) haha. I love the dress, it's incredibly girly and stylish!

    I know what you mean about the whole Newlook thing! I can't believe they're getting rid of their 'Inspire' collection...but they're just bought a new range called 'Petite' can you believe it?! xxxxxxx

    1. Thank you, hun! I can't wait to see your post :)

      Seriously? They've got rid of Inspire to buy Petite? That's peeved me off more, I can't believe they got rid of clothes for bigger girls and bought one for tiny ones? What's their problem? Grr.

      Laura x


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