Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lust List #1.

Hello lovelies!
My Weekend Wishlist feature kind of ended up thrown to the back of my mind and left there to get dusty, so I've decided to change it to a Lust List so that I don't feel pressured to post one every weekend. The clothes I picked for this Lust List are ones that i've been eyeing up for a while now. With Spring on its way, I've been on the look out for some lighter jackets and some nice dresses/tops to wear when the sun finally decides to make a much wanted appearance. All of these clothing picks come from either New Look or George @ Asda.
I've been on the hunt for some dresses to to wear when the Spring...springs(?) upon us and hopefully the weather heats up a little bit. I liked these dresses because they are simple. I'm not one for flashy clothing and I don't like drawing attention to myself, so these would be perfect for a simple look teamed with a nice cardigan, some tights and some flats in the Spring. At £17.99 for two dresses, I'd definitely say this is a bargain!
Ever since my braving the cold at Christmas in my Peter Pan collared dress, i've become quite a fan of the blouses and the tops that feature PP collars. I've been looking in Primark at theirs and am quite annoyed that none would fit me from there, so I had a browse on New Look and found this one. The bird print is really cute and I love that it's got the monochrome look to it that is going to be a big trend this year.
3 - Camouflage Jacket - George @ Asda - £28.00
Not much to say about this jacket, really. I'm not one for camouflage, but this caught my eye and I decided that I kinda like it.
4 - Casual Cardigan Jacket - George @ Asda - £14.00
I love this jacket! The first time I saw this in Asda, I knew straight away I wanted it. It's a light cardigan jacket that would be perfect for nipping out in. I love the way that it's been designed and the way that the zip and collar sit together. I'm hoping to pick this up ASAP.
5 - Anchor Metallic Jumper - George @ Asda - £14.00
I love the design on this jumper. I've only had a quick glance at it in Asda, so i'm not sure whether the material would be something i'd like as it says it's 'metallic' and my skin can get irritated easily by certain materials. I'm going to have a proper look the next time we get to Asda, but until then I will imagine that it's made of really soft cotton because it's gorgeous!

I hope you liked my picks! Would you buy any of these?
Laura x

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