Thursday, 17 January 2013

What's Inside My Make-up Bag?

I'm always a nosey bugger when it comes to what other people keep inside their handbags, inside their make-up drawers or inside their make-up bags, I find it interesting seeing what other people use and what they carry around with them. (Not sure if that's normal or not) Anyway, I thought I would give you guys a look into my make-up bag, so that the you can be a nosey bugger, too! I tend to use the same products most of the time, but now and again I switch it up and change foundations and blushers. 
So here's what's inside my make-up bag :)
All of these products sit as snug as a bug inside my Poundland make-up bag, which I forgot to take a picture of, so just imagine a light blue bag with geisha's all over it :)

Ready? Okay! First up is the products that I use on my eyes:
Eyeshadows: The eyeshadows that I use are by Beautique and Elysee, I've used these for years and absolutely love them (As these are old, I can't find them online). The colours that I use the most are neutrals, so the Beautique trio is perfect for me.
(Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the Elysee palette, bad Laura!)
Mascara: The mascara I use is MUA's Shade 5, it's cheap and good quality. It does get clumpy quite quick though, but it's okay for £1.
Eyeliners: The eyeliners I use are also by MUA, annoyingly Superdrug don't have them on their website, blah. I own one in Jet Black and the other in Rich Brown. I use the brown a lot more that the black because it gives a softer look to the eyes, which I find looks better on me than full on black liner. I also own MUA's Extreme Felt Tip Liner. I don't use this all the time, just on special occasions, but it's the best liner I've ever used. It's easy to use and lasts absolutely ages!

Next up: blusher.
Blusher: Right now, I am using one that my mum gave me, but these two are always in my bag in case I want to create a different look. The MUA Mosaic Blush is gorgeous! I love all the colours in there and how they blend together to give a really nice finish on the cheeks. I also sometimes use the paler colours as highlighter, so it's almost a two in one blush, so definitely worth £2.50! When I am going for a natural look, I grab for my little vial of Benefit's Benetint because a little bit, blended in, gives me a really nice natural glow.

Lastly: What the things that I use on the rest of my face.
Concealer - Natural Collection's 'cover stick' is something that I picked up a while ago and I've almost used it up now. I'm not a big fan of this concealer, but it's decent. I am a victim of under eye circles, so I need a concealer to cover them up and this one doesn't really last that long or cover up well enough for my liking, so a new one is on the cards.
Primer - I use ''Prime It'' Illumination Face Primer (from Body Care) underneath my foundation and I've found that it does make my make-up last longer. I also don't get an oily t-zone as quick as I do without the primer, so I'm really happy with this. 
Foundation - As you can see my bottle has some wear to it because I love it so much and use it quite a bit. This is L'Oreal's True Match Foundation in Rose Ivory. I've used this foundation for almost two years now and it's always the foundation I end up going back to. I often try out new ones, but this one is the only one I can't fault, it's amazing.

Lastly is 'Almay's Smart Shade, Smart Balance, Skin Balancing Make-Up'. I use this on day's when my skin looks okay-good and there's no massive red spots screaming out 'look at me!' on it. I'm not exactly sure what the proper term for it is, it isn't thick enough to be a foundation and it has a bit of colour to it, so whether it's a tinted moisturiser or not, i'm not sure. But I love it, anyway, because it evens out my skin tone, takes away my blotchy cheeks and gives me a tint of colour, which beats plastering out a full face of foundation just to sit in the house all day.

So there you go! That is what's inside my make-up bag, minus the eyeshadow brushes and foundation sponges. Is there anything here you use?
Laura x


  1. I really liked 'prime it' too, it's really good value aswell as you get a lot of product x

    1. I totally agree, I've it for a few months now and it's still going. It's a bargain! x


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