Sunday, 6 January 2013

What I Got For Christmas. Pt 2.

Hello lovelies! So, I just spent the last hour sorting through my perfume collection and taking pictures of every. single. one. which I am hoping will become a blog post sooner or later. The pictures are pretty crappy due to lighting, so i'll have to go through and edit them all! But for now, here is part two of my Christmas pressies :)
City Girl Perfume Set. 
I got the London version for my birthday and they smell soooo good! I'd definitely recommend these to anyone :)
Besides Alex's presents. I got these dvds from my mum/dad. I didn't ask for any dvds for Christmas, so the fact that I got quite a few is brill! 
Nail Dryer.
This little cutie is from Alex. It's a nail polish dryer! I've always wanted one because my nails take forever to dry, so this is amazeballs! 
Make Up Brushes.
I asked my mum for some brushes for Christmas and these are what she got. I have no idea whether they are any good or not, but apparently the woman at Boots 'suggested' these ones. So, I'm excited to try these out.
We're not really drinkers in my house, so, this is a lovely treat for me. No idea if it tastes nice, but it's got alcohol in it and there's chocolate :D
Hot Choccie Set.
This lovely set was a gift from Alex's sister. I cannot wait to try these out with Alex. 
So many lovely smellies this year! I've been wanting the Lady Gaga/Katy Perry ones since they came out, they smell gorgeous! 
My mum has developed a love for these as they are cheap and love/smell amazing! 
S & G Smellies.
These are the only Soap & Glory products I own and they smell great! So sweet and they last for ages :)

So, that's that. Phew! I was truly spoilt this order for all these things to fit into my room, i'm going to have to have a de-clutter, so look out for a few sale items going up soon.
Laura xoxo
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  1. purr by katy perry smells so good! i want her 2nd one, meow! i've been wanting to try soap & glory products for the longest time! the set looks so nice


    1. They do smell gorgeous! Shame the price tag is so high on them :/

      These are the first Soap and Glory products i've ever owned and they smell lovely!

      Laura xoxo


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