Saturday, 5 January 2013

What I Got For Christmas. Pt 1.

Hello lovelies!
I know that this post is way, way overdue since Christmas was almost two weeks ago, but better late than never, eh? Not everything I got is on here, but these are the ones that are lucky enough to have got photographed before finding their place in my bedroom :)
Evie Mai Metallic Nail Colours Pack. (Review coming soon)
My mum has become quite a fan of this brand and so have I. I love that they have different kinds of polishes, i.e. metallic, colour changing.
A couple of beauty products, perfume, a fancy set of candles, Simon's Cat organiser and bath products.
I've been wanting Nina Ricci's perfume for the past two years and Alex finally bought me it for Christmas, so yay for the boyfriend listening to me!
These are from Alex, too (I know, he spoiled me rotten this Christmas!) I adore Harry Potter and anything from the movie, so these artefact boxes are perfect for me. I love how much thought he put into these :)
More pressies from Alexander! We started watching New Girl and lost track, so I can't wait to watch it completely together. Sarah Millican's a funny lady and Two Guys and a Girl was a really good TV show.
Lush gifts from Alex (I know I know! I'm a spoilt bitch!) I asked for these to try them out and get into the whole Lush phenomenon, but I think these will be my only Lush products because they stink and hurt my throat. So, I don't think i'll be a Lush baby after all.
I got the New York/London one for my birthday. These perfumes smell gorgeous and last forever.
I asked for this because my original dvds were scratched and jumped all the time, so Alex got me these, too. I really should have just called this, 'Presents from my boyfriend', shouldn't I? Ooopsies!

So, this is part one. I didn't want to overload the post with too many images, so here you go :)
Laura xoxo


  1. Boyfriends certainly know how to treat their girlfriends its great! Xx

    1. Tell me about it! He's crazy for getting me so much stuff, he's happy with his Star Wars pants though ;]

  2. You've certainly been a lucky girly! You've got some wonderful pressies!! I LOVE New Girl you definitely have to watch it all properly! And so jealous on you getting Nina Rici and Taylor Swift's perfumes!!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas <3 xxx

    1. I know! I think i'll have to start saving now to be able to pay for his pressies this year! I had a lovely Christmas, I hope you did too! Also, hope you feel better soon :)

      Laura x


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