Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Well hello, 2013.

I kind of see this as journal post, so feel free to pass on it.

Hello lovelies! Long time, no post. Sorry about that, just been trying to enjoy Christmas and the New Year without having distractions. I don't know about you, but I quite enjoyed my Christmas and New Year. I honestly can't believe they've both gone, it seems to have gone by so fast, it only seems like Christmas was the other day when in fact it was a week ago. Wowza!

Christmas Day began as usual with me in bed trying to resist having to get up into the cold before ten am. I lasted in bed until about quarter to nine after my dad was the third person to knock on my door and wake me up. Quite proud actually because I usually get forced to go downstairs at around seven by my brother (who's twenty five), so I stood my ground for another few hours. I pulled on my 'warm' jumper and slippers and proceeded to join the family in the living room to open presents. My mum said that she felt like she hadn't bought me enough this year, but she bought me an iPhone and a Coby tablet, so I must disagree with her on that one. Amongst my gifts were the usual clothes, dvds, books, make-up cases, perfume and socks. I'm really happy with the things that I got. I'm planning on doing a post to show of some of the things I got, so keep an eye out for that one :)

The rest of the day was lovely! We sat and watched Only Fools and Horses (as you do at Christmas!) and then sat and ate our -huge- Christmas dinner together until we all couldn't move. For the next few hours we sat and watched countless rubbish repeats and listened to Christmas music. Then we spent the next few hours at my boyfriends house, me, my mum and dad all watched as his family got drunk. It was a bit boring though. I got to see Al, which was the best thing about going over. Overall, Christmas was a plus. Definitely didn't disappoint this year.

I spent New Year's Eve at my boyfriend's house. I was a bit sceptically about whether to go or not because I wanted to spend it with my parents this time, but I also wanted to do the stupid traditional 'kiss someone when the clock strikes twelve' thing. So, I decided I wanted to spend it with Alex, which also meant spending it with his family. I like his family, but everyone acts like a dick when they've had alcohol down them and his family are not exception. The day was alright though, Al's brother made us all dinner and we all had a drink. I had to stop after three bottles of cider (over the space of four hours) because my stomach wasn't holding up too well and ladies, January first isn't an ideal day to start your period, is it? Bleh!
The night ended with everyone pissed out of their heads, besides me and Alex. Speaking of my lovely boyfriend, I am so proud of him. Since I've known him, he's always hated his brother in law, they used to hang out and play video games all day, then according to his brother in law, it's my fault they don't do it anymore. I've never stopped them, I even told him to come in and play on the xbox while I was there, so he's just being a knob. Anyway, he called Alex a 'fat f**king lazy c**t, who only thinks about himself', I wouldn't mind but he plays xbox all day and doesn't provide for his family and he's twenty five. Alex has a heart condition and a family who doesn't appear to give a shit about him, so he has to care about himself. I got so angry, I almost flung at someone. Thankfully, Alex did it for me in the form of kicking Spike (brother in law) into the Christmas tree and punching him, I know people don't condone violence, but he's had it coming for months and I'm SO proud of Al for sticking up for himself.

Sorry for the babble on. All in all this week has been a good one. I'm happy 2012 went out with a bit of a bang, it would have been a bit boring if it hadn't.


  1. WOAH that sounds like something straight out of a soap opera!

    I hope 2013 is less stressful for you!



    1. I didn't think of it like that, but does a little bit!

      Thank you, love. So do I :)


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