Friday, 25 January 2013

Weekend Wishlist.

Hello lovelies!
Today, I thought i'd get in early and post my weekend wishlist before I forget to do so tomorrow. I haven't done one of these for a few weeks and i've actually missed posting them, so I put this one together today, yay! Today's wishlist consists of clothing from New Look online (still peeved with them) and a new clothing store that Lauren recommended called, Yours Clothing. (Again with this wishlist, I didn't intend it to look so monochrome, I guess that's just my taste).
1 - Stone Stud Diamante Shoulder Sweater - New Look - £16.99
Jumpers (or sweaters, whatever!) have become a major staple in my wardrobe the past few months. The snow is absolutely freezing, even indoors, it makes the house an ice bucket. This jumper looks nice and cozy, the studded shoulders are a really simple decoration, but they make the jumper look ten times better.

2 - Black Tunic with Animal Print Peter Pan Collar - Yours Clothing - £22.00
I own a dress similar to this with a lace collar, but the animal print is gorgeous on this one. I'm not really one for animal print, but I'd definitely make an exception for this dress, it's beautiful.

3 - Black Sleeveless Shirt with Metal Collar Trim - Yours Clothing - £26.00
I absolutely love the collar on this shirt, the fact that it's metal instead of fabric is something that drew me towards it. It's something different. I don't own any shirts with collars, but like the dress, I'd make an exception for this one. It also has a dipped hem which I've become a big fan of, who doesn't like to cover up their bum?

4 - Black Contrast Spot Mesh Skirt - Yours Clothing - £25.00
This skirt is gorgeous! The added touch of an elasticated waist is perfect for me as I have rather big hips, but quite a small waist, so it would fit me perfectly. It looks like a skirt that would be perfect for formal or informal occasions, so definitely a skirt that would keep giving.

5 - Innocence+ Grey Jersey Dip Hem Skirt - New Look - Sale £9.00 (RRP £17.99)
I've been eyeing up a skirt like this in Primark, but none would fit me, obviously. This is lovely because it's simple yet gorgeous. Again, I adore the extremely dipped hem on the back, I'd know this way that my butt wouldn't be poking out!

Do you own any of these items? Do you know any other clothing outlets that are plus sized friendly?
Laura x

P.S. I just realised I posted on a few days ago....only nineteen and my memory is shot!


  1. That dress is so beautiful !

    xx Liyana

    1. It really is! I love it :)
      Laura x


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