Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tips on blogging success?

Hello lovelies!
I was just wondering what you're tips would be for having a successful blog?
I'm not the best at writing and I think that is one of things that puts people off of
my blog because I don't really make it fancy. My teacher once told me that I 
write how I talk, so whether that's a good thing or not, I don't know.
What kind of posts do you get the most feedback from?
What do you think is your secret to success? Are you willing to share? :)
Thank you, lovelies x

Have a cute puppy for your troubles :)


  1. Hey lovely!
    Writing how you talk is fine, if i write a review i like to write it as though id be telling a friend about it but throwing in a few make-up terms as well.

    Also im that great at writing either, if you look at my earlier posts its actually awful but the moer you blog the more you learn and improve with it. My spelling is still awful, my sister always reads over my blog and tell me when ive made mistakes.
    No blogger is perfect, its just a case of working on it and improving as you go on.

    I did a couple of posts with blogging tips, things that i think it useful for bloggers to know - of course these are just from my point of view and others bloggers may say different but i hope they help in some way!



    Hope you find these helpful, and if i can help out in anyway tweet/email me :)
    Natalie xx

    1. I'm not that great at writing ** (see what i mean, haha)

    2. Thank you, hun! I'll pop over and have a read through. I hope in time my writing will improve and my posts get better feedback!

      Thanks again :)

  2. Such a cute pup! I think what's great about blogging is that each blog is individual to its owner, and so just do what makes you feel good and write about what interests you. That's all that matters to me anyway :) x


  3. I love blogs where the person writing talks to you how they would in real life - its how I like my blog to be :) all I can say is STAY TRUE to yourself :)

    x x x

    1. Thank you, hun!
      I always worry about my writing style, but I guess everyone IS different :)


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