Thursday, 31 January 2013

TAG: 100 Facts About Me. (phew!)

Hello lovelies.
I've seen this tag floating around both Youtube and your lovely blogs, so I thought it would be fun to do myself. I find it quite hard thinking up facts about myself (there's a fact for you!), so this may take a while. You should all know by now that I love tags, so get ready to get to know me better....ohhh! :)
001. I tell myself not to worry a lot & that makes me worry more.
002. Both my Twitter & Tumblr usernames were inspired by a song by The Mexicolas.
003. Said song is from one of my favourite films, Keith, starring Jesse McCartney.
004. I hate my nose, it's too big.
005. I credit my boyfriend for giving me more confidence.
006. I once dyed my hair blonde. It went ginger.
007. The only people I call family are the ones I live with.
008. My first ever concert was Christina Aguilera & The Black Eyed Peas.
009. Chicken is my favourite food.
010. The thought of learning to drive scares me.
011. My mum and I have been to two Supernatural conventions.
012. I've lived in the same house all my life.
013. I wanted to be an anthropologist when I was 11.
014. I hide the bottom part of a page when i'm reading, so I don't spoil the story.
015. I love watching programmes like Frozen Planet & Africa.
016. Vampires that aren't in Buffy/Angel are rubbish.
017. We already have our kids names picked out.
018. I hate summer. It's too warm.
019. I wish my hair was thicker.
020. I rarely drink anything hot.
021. My boyfriend has a Jack Russell called 'Spot'.
022. I hate shows like TOWIE and Made in Chelsea.
023. I don't hang out with people my age (besides my boyfriend, of course).
024. I desperately want to go to New York.
025. I love love love music.
026. I use my hands a lot when I talk.
027. I want another Alsation / a Pomeranian or a chocolate Lab.
028. I always check for sex scenes before watching a movie with my parents.
029. I am extremely opinionated.
030. I put tomato ketchup on almost every meal. (Not a Sunday roast!)
031. I've been with my boyfriend just over two years. 
032. My mum wanted to call me Louise.
033. My dad wanted to call me Nora.
034. I can't watch The Notebook without crying.
035. I sleep with the TV on.
036. I have seen every episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
037. I love novelty things.
038. The Grudge is the scariest film I've ever seen.
039. I hate rollercoasters.
040. I want to learn to bake properly.
041. Alex & I met the Chuckle Brothers in Scarborough (be jealous;-)
042. I start hating things once they become popular.
043. I went to Disneyland Paris when I was 9.
044. Before the release of the first Twilight, I wrote to Robert Pattinson & he sent me an autographed picture back.
045. I've been to 14 WWE shows.
046. Right now is the only time that we haven't owned a dog :'(
047. I love long socks.
048. I really want to go to the WB Studios Harry Potter Tour.
049. I'm a creature of habit.
050. I don't feel comfortable around people my age.
051. This year I intend to get my body to a healthy weight.
052. When I was five, my parents threw me a Spice Girls party. (I was Baby Spice, of course).
053. I've had to wear glasses since I was 10.
054. I feel extremely uncomfortable if there's a fly/moth/bug in my bedroom.
055. The only foreign movies i've seen are Ip Man & Ip Man 2.
056. I am allergic to bananas.
057. I never want to own a credit card.
058. I tried a cigarette once, never again.
059. I don't like religion, it causes too many problems in the world.
060. I used to work at Farmfoods. How glamorous!
061. These three people mean most to me in the world.
062. I love staying in hotels.
063. My favourite smells are vanilla, apple and strawberry.
064. To me, big posh weddings are a complete waste of money.
065. I'd rather rent a house then get in debt trying to buy one.
066. We passed a scarecrow in a field once and I almost had a heart attack.
067. Technology hates me.
068. I've not (officially) broken any bones in my body.
069. I'm a very pessimistic person.
070. I was in the school choir and sang in church.
071. I like creating graphics.
072. I prefer people to be straight with me instead of beating about the bush.
073. I once redecorated my bedroom five times in one year.
074. I like going into arcades.
075. I support Leeds Rhinos.
076. Unless I need to go out, I live in my PJ pants.
077. My boyfriend says that I sometimes slip into an American accent when I talk.
078. It's rare, but I love getting dressed up.
079. I literally don't know how to have a conversation with people anymore.
080. I love watching youtube videos of cute animals.
081. I don't like people that think they can run my life.
082. Temperance Brennan is one of my favourite characters.
083. I only recently started watching Doctor Who and I love it.
084. I have a poster of Adam Lambert on my wall.
085. I never eat fruit. (Something I'm gonna change).
086. I can't stand dance/club music.
087. I love reading, but I don't want a Kindle. I much prefer holding an actual book.
088. I hate text 'language'.
089. I cried for almost a week when Heath Ledger died.
090. I've never travelled on a train or an aeroplane.
091. I have an extensive perfume collection, which includes over 50 bottles!
092. I have seven piercings. All in my ears.
093. I hate my legs. They're too chunky.
094. If I can't pronounce a name in a book, I give them a nickname instead.
095. 'The Burbs' & 'Pippi Longstocking' were my favourite movies as a child.
096. Milk makes me feel sick.
097. I get really tense when there's a cat in the room. They can strike at any time.
098. I wish Stars Hollow actually existed.
099. I love receiving letters.
100. This took me a whole w e e k to complete.

Wowza! I didn't realise how difficult thinking up facts about myself would be. I hope I didn't bore you too much and that you learned something new about me!

Let me know if you decided to do this tag, I'd love to read your facts :)
Laura x


  1. Aw :) I feel I know you better now :) x

    1. Haha, thanks! It was so difficult thinking of these :) x


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