Saturday, 12 January 2013

Song Saturday!

Hello lovelies!
If you're my age then there's a big chance that you've heard of the singer JoJo, am I right?
Well, this is one of her newest songs (posted a year ago though, which is annoying) and I really love the way that she sounds on it and the song is amazing. She always had a good voice in my opinion, but not all her music was really my taste, especially the full on r'n'b stuff.
But I came across this on Youtube and got a little addicted to it. 
 The guy in it was in Life Unexpected, so that was a plus for the video too :)

I thought i'd share the video and give you something to dance along to this weekend,
hopefully you like it as much as I do. 

Also, how hot does she look in this video? I love her hair and her make-up is gorgeous!
Definitely got a bit of a girl crush on her :)
Laura x

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