Tuesday, 29 January 2013

REVIEW | Color Trend Read My Lips Gloss.

Hello lovelies!
After my previous lipstick post, I had a quick rummage through some old make-up boxes and found quite a few things i'd completely forgotten about buying. One of those things was a lip gloss that I bought from Avon last year:
This is Avon's 'Colortrend Read My Lips' lip gloss. I bought this as part of an offer a while ago, but only ever used it twice and then it somehow got stuffed in the back of a drawer...as all my beauty products do eventually. 

This particular lip gloss has several shades to choose from, I chose the lovely 'Watermelon Ice' (what a cool name, eh) which as you can see is a nice nude-ish pink colour. This lip gloss is really lovely. It glides on nicely and it doesn't dry out my lips like others i've used, it actually left my lips feeling quite moisturised. It doesn't last too long though before it starts to fade, but the packaging is small enough to pop into your purse or bag for reapplication throughout the day.

This can be bought from an Avon rep or direct from their website for £3.75.
 (Currently a part of an offer 2 for £4, so go! go! go!)
As you can see the lip gloss is quite glossy and the colour is lovely on.

Do you own any lip glosses (sp?) from Avon's Colortrend?
Laura x


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