Tuesday, 15 January 2013

First Clothes Wishlist of 2013.

Hello lovelies!
This is my first clothing wishlist of 2013 (like the title suggests), yay! Christmas came with a whole new wardrobe of clothing from my parents, so i'm not really in need of anything new, but a girl can dream, right?
I only realised upon posting that this is a very black wishlist. I didn't intend it to be so colourless and gloomy, but I feel better in dark clothes because I don't stand out. So, that is my defence for the gothic feel of the wishlist :)

Left to right.

I've been in love with a skirt similar to this one that is in Primark, but with it being Primark they don't have big sizes, so I went in search for one similar and found this one and love it! In Summer I always think about wearing skirts or dresses, but I hate showing my legs off, so a long skirt like this will be perfect for me in the warmer months :)

I love the style of this top. It's a simple looking shirt, but I think it's really nice and would look fab with jeans or shorts in the summer.

I've found a love for leggings lately, they are so comfortable to wear and I find myself changing into them during the day because they don't feel as 'heavy' like jeans or trousers do. This print is gorgeous and I love the colours, too.

There's a dress that looks almost exactly like this one in Asda, but lately they seem to be stocking less and less big sizes, so I haven't had the chance to grab one. This is also out of stock at New Look, but I thought I would put it on my list anyway because it's so pretty!

Have you got a clothes wishlist for the new year?
Laura x


  1. That chiffon dress is to die for! I love the detailing on the collar, how gorgeous! I have something quite similar in a dark red, and it's a favourite of mine! Yep, I definitely love the dress! :)
    Mia a

    1. It is gorgeous! Such a shame I can't buy one :(


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