Sunday, 13 January 2013

Epistick: Facial Hair Removal Tool.

Hello lovelies, today's post is a little different.
I know that facial hair on women isn't something that people like to talk about or like to think is something that unfortunately happens. But, I know for a fact that it can make women feel less feminine and very insecure about themselves. If you have read my past blog posts, you'll know I 'suffer' from facial hair due to having Polycystic Ovaries and it makes me feel incredibly awful about myself. I don't feel feminine in my own skin and it makes me feel uncomfortable around people because others have pointed out my problem before and made me feel absolutely crap, so I tend to try and hide away a lot.

Anyhoo, a few years ago I was looking on the net for something that would remove facial hair, something that was a lot quicker than a normal little tweezer and I came across this:
(I didn't know the name of it when I edited the pictures)
This is called an Epistick. The stick is just a basic coiled spring stuck in between two plastic handles, it's a simple little design, but extremely effective. The Epistick is designed so that the coiled spring, when twisted against the skin, traps the hair between and carefully removes them from the roots, leaving you with smoother hair-free skin.

I won't say that it's pain free because it isn't. It hurts like hell the first few times you try it, but after a while you get used to it. It isn't a permanent solution, nothing I've tried has been, but if facial hair is a problem for you, i'd definitely recommend you try this out.
It can be used on cheeks, neck, upper lip and the chin area. It's not suitable for eyebrows!
The other good part about this is that it will only lower your purse by a measly £1.80 (you can buy yours from here), so if you do not like it, you haven't wasted a lot of money on it. 

I love this little stick, it's a time saver and it 'does what it says on the tin'. 
Definitely check it out if you're sick of your tweezers!

Laura xoxo
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  1. I'll come wax your lip and chin, Laura ;) Being trained and all, ha!
    On a serious note, this looks like a pretty nifty little tool :)
    I might have to purchase one, as I have blonde hairs above my lip, they're not that noticeable but they really stick on when my foundation is on so it's abit of a pain D:

    1. Haha, feel free! I've never had a wax before :)

      It's really good, it hurts a bit, but it's work it!


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