Monday, 14 January 2013

Clairol Nice 'N Easy Colourblend Foam - 4R Dark Auburn - Review.

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If you follow me on twitter, you will know that I dyed my hair before Christmas. Usually when my hair's at that point where it needs redyeing, the roots have grown out and my natural ginge tones are popping back through, so I tend to go straight for a chestnut brown semi-permanent hair dye. It's my go to hair colour and I've used a similar one for years. Before Christmas 'the time' came around again and I decided that I wanted to try out a different hair dye. This time opting for the new foam formulation by Clairol's Nice 'n Easy. Having always been a fan of Lindsay Lohan's hair before she went a bit la-la (like here for example), I opted for it in shade '4R Dark Auburn'.

This hair dye was a good surprise to me because it was SO easy to use. Usually I get my mum to do my hair for me, but I decided to have a go myself and found it to be a lot easier than previous dyes that I have used.  If you've ever dyed your hair you'll know the drill: empty the disgusting chemical smelling liquid into the other liquid and shake like crazy. After a couple of shakes (only three is recommend, why?...I don't know) the formula was mixed and produced a lovely froffy foam when squeezed. I started on the temples and the roots and then concentrated on the lengths and underneath. I left the hair dye on for the recommended twenty five minutes, washed it off, applied the conditioner, washed it out, then blow dried my hair. I was left feeling slightly shocked at the results because it turned out a lot darker than I had hoped and didn't look 'auburn' at all

It turned out a shade that was dark brown/black! I was initially in shock horror as I've not had black hair since I was born! After four weeks, I've actually grown to quite like it. It matches my eye brows, but it's not a colour I will go for in future.

So, the hair dye was easy to use and gave me a nice coverage, but I wasn't happy with the finished colour, it was no where near the colour on the box and didn't even look 'auburn'. Whether this was due to the condition of my hair, the length of time it took to apply, the dye itself....I don't know. I may give this brand another try out in the future, but this experience was a bit naff.

Have you used this hair dye before?
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