Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Big Girls vs the High Street?

Hello lovelies!

Today's post is something different. It's something that's personal to me and i'm sure personal to fellow ladies in the world. I wanted to write a post on it because it's just pissed me off....a lot, basically and I need to rant about it.

Being a so called 'plus sized' girl, my options for clothes shopping is pretty minimal, especially if money isn't something you can just throw about (aka Evans). I've always been a big girl and clothes weren't really an issue for me until I turned fifteen when I started getting into fashion and wanting to wear what all the other girls were wearing. My clothes were mostly just items that i'd find in the charity shop, unlike some snooty people, I don't mind buying clothing from charity shops because I'm getting a bargain whilst helping out a charity. (My boyfriend has heart problems, so shops like the British Heart Foundation is a charity that I try to donate to because they are the people helping research heart problems, so this is something close to my own heart).

Being nineteen years old now, i've gotten into high street store clothing and love perusing the aisles in my local Asda (yes, Asda!) for something new for myself. Last year also saw me develop an obsession with New Look's Inspire collection and this is where I got the inspiration to write this post.

Recently, New Look have announced that they will no longer be stocking 'plus sized' clothing in their stores, BUT you can order online with the charge of P&P on top! Now, when I read this last night it really got my blood boiling. I know to some this won't bother them, but to me, it's saying that New Look have become like most high street stores and don't want to be associated with fat girls. Yes, I said fat girls, because they don't care about hurting our feelings when they're basically cutting off plus sized girls from good on trend clothing. 

If i'm honest, I HATE high street stores. I could never shop in Topshop, Primark, H&M, Debenhams or Store21 because all of their clothes are made for small people. Even Primark's so called size 20's are too small for me, so clearly they have no idea what a girl with curves looks like. I've had a good relationship with George @ Asda clothing for years, but recently even they have stopped stocking jeans above a size 20 and i'm just waiting for them to stop stocking tops in my size, too.

The point of this post is to say to high street stores, what the hell is your problem with big girls? Just because you stock sizes 6-14 doesn't mean you're promoting an healthy image, you're promoting the fact that girls should have super skinny legs and tiny bellies to wear your 'show your mid drift off' tops. So why, to you, does stocking 'plus sized' clothing promote an unhealthy image? Are we not allowed to have nice clothes because we don't fit into your skinny jeans? Even the fact that 'plus sized' clothing isn't even in the women's section does my head in. What, do you not see us as women because we're not a size zero?

This issue really has me pissed off. Money is money at the end of the day, so I'll go somewhere else and spend it, they can go swivel on my middle finger!

Laura x

P.S. I said it would be different! :)


  1. I totally agree with your point. I thought New Look would continue with their inspire range as it's really popular in my home town. In regards to other stores, it's really depressing how their sizes vary so much.
    Roxy's Box of Tricks  

    1. Yeah, i'm really disappointed, if I can't get nice clothes because they think my size is considered 'wrong' then screw them! :) x

  2. That's appalling about New Look! Everybody has to buy clothes - why should what size you are dictate where you have to shop! I'm really disappointed to hear that and your rant is totally justified x

    1. Thank you, hun! I know it's a bit out there my post, but it's totally true what you said :) x

  3. New Look's decision is highly disappointing. As a size 12, I know many brands stock my size, which just makes me want to boycott those who do not stock larger sizes more. It seems more and more that companies expect plus sized women to do all their shopping online which can be more costly and lets face it, who doesn't like having a day out trying on clothes before buying? The whole notion of having a 'plus size' range is ridiculous to me, why can't they just expand their whole range to larger sizes? :( x

    1. Thank you! Yes, I know, it's extremely disappointing that they just expect us to shop online. I would have thought money was money and they'd not be bothered whether it came from in store or online.
      Being a plus sized girl isn't easy in the fashion world and having stores remove options for us clothing wise, isn't making it easier x


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