Sunday, 27 January 2013

REVIEW | ACTIVE Cosmetics Eyeshadow Set.

Hello lovelies!
Yesterday, after attempting to clean my bedroom, I came across this old eyeshadow palette that my mum gave to me. It's by a brand called Active Cosmetics, which I'd not heard of before, and it contains 6 neutral light to dark eyeshadows, perfect for the creation of a smokey eye.
I stupidly forgot to swatch the palette, but the colours are extremely pigmented and blend together amazingly. As the colours gradually get darker, you can choose how light/dark you want your smokey eye to be, which is something I love about the set.
As this is quite old, I have no idea how much it cost my mum, but I found a brand new set packaged on ebay, so if you're interested you can grab it for £6.00 here.

I'm not much of a wiz when it comes to creating amazing eyes. My eyes are hidden behind glasses all day, so I find no reason to put much effort into making them look amazing, so usually I just smudge on a cream shadow, mascara and liner and go. So, please excuse the bad attempt at a smokey eye below:
It's definitely not smokey enough!
Even without glasses, you can't really see my eyelids, which is extremely annoying.
 Anyone else get that?
Laura x

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