Thursday, January 24, 2013

REVIEW | Bourjois Paris Lovely Rouge Lipstick in 04 Sable Unique

Hello lovelies!
Today is a different post to this blog and for me. It's a lipstick post. Yes, lipstick. I'm not really a girl who wears lipstick because I find it really temperamental on me as I'm someone who licks their lips a lot and rubs them together quite a bit, so lipstick wouldn't last too long on me. Saying that though, I came across this lipstick whilst looking on a local make-up stall and fell in love!
Usually the only things that I use on my lips are balms or vaseline, lipstick isn't normally a beauty must have on my list, but this was a lipstick that I didn't want to leave behind. It cost me a total of 100 pennies, so a bargain, too. The lipstick in question is Bourjois Paris' Lovely ROUGE in shade 04 Sable Unique. 
I'm assuming that this is an old product from the brand as I can't find it on any make-up websites that i've searched on before. I did find it on Amazon US and Ebay, so if you would like to try this out, these are the only two places that have it. 

According to the Amazon US site, this is a 'silky smooth moisturizing lipstick that effortlessly glides onto lips and gives intense satiny color in one coat'. It is 'formulated with anti-oxidants & vitamin E to protect & nourish lips'. It also offers a 'mirrored cap for easy re-touch anywhere, anytime. On-the-Go!'
Even though it claims to moisturise the lips, I find that it makes my lips feel drier, so I always apply a layer of my Nivea Rose lip balm on underneath and on top of it. I also have to apply more than one coat to achieve good results. As you can see from the below image, one coat doesn't completely cover up my pink lips, so two coats is always a must for me. 
Have you tried this lipstick? Would you recommend any to me?
Laura x


  1. I love the colour, looks great on you!

    Shame it's a little drying though, I've always got dry lips and when I use certain lipsticks they look awful :(

    Laura xx

    1. I know, my lips tend to get quite dry, but with a bit of balm the lipsticks okay :)

      Laura x

  2. This lipstick looks wonderful :) However myself I only wear lipstick for special events, it's rather messy sometimes!
    Elle xx

    1. Yeah, they always make me feel self conscious in case, so only special occasions here too :) x


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