Wednesday, 5 December 2012

TAG - Beauty Firsts.

I just found this tag over on Laura's blog and thought I would give it a whirl!  

1. What's your earliest beauty memory? 

Like the other Laura (who did the post), I was into magazines like Bliss and Sugar, I remember always being excited for a new one because they'd always put a little beauty sample in there and I loved the idea of getting a magazine and a little treat to go with it!

2. What was your first beauty purchase? 
Oooh, I'm not sure. When I was younger I hung around with my two cousins and we used to just share our make-up, so I never had to purchase anything.

3. When did you first wear makeup?
Probably when I was around 10, I know that's a little young, but it was the school disco and I was really excited to go with my friends. We all got dressed up at my house and one of the girls brought a bag of makeup, so we all had a good rummage through it.

4. What was your first beauty disaster? 
Probably wearing eyeliner on the water line....I thought that was how you were supposed to wear it and I thought it looked cool.

5. Who was your first beauty crush?
The Olsen Twins. When I was 8-9 I was obsessed with them and their style, makeup and of course, their movies. I think they have/had a really natural look and that's what I like. I still go to their old books for tips :)

6. What was your first brand crush?
Uhm, I think it was Maybelline. I got a sample from a magazine and just was obsessed with that brand for years.

7. What's your longest standing beauty love?
Honestly, I don't know. I always change the things that I use on my face and my makeup, so it's hard to pick something. The one thing I have been using for a few months now is Garnier's Pure Anti Blackhead wash and I love it, it's the best face wash i've used :)

So, that's that. Feel free to snag the tag! Let me know if you do, i'd love to read your answers!
Laura x


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