Tuesday, 18 December 2012

REVIEW - Manhattan Volcano Explosive Volume Mascara.

I don't really own many 'foreign' makeup products, which isn't really by choice, it's just something that I haven't looked into purchasing. But for my 18th birthday last September, my friend (who is from Germany) sent me a 'Princess Kit' featuring all of her favourite makeup and this lovely mascara was one of them. 

The mascara is by a German brand called 'Manhattan', so it isn't available in the UK. When I searched on GOOGLE for it, I could only find it to buy on the German Amazon website for EUR 5.95, so i'm not sure this is something you guys would be interested in, I wanted to review it though as it is such a nice mascara, definitely one of the best ones I have used. 

The other thing about this mascara is that is smells gorgeous! I know a smelly mascara isn't something that people generally look out for, but it's just a bonus to the mascara itself. It's lovely and it lingers a little bit after application too, which is a nice touch to it.

Sorry for the awful bit of eyebrow in these pictures, definitely need a good plucking session doing.
Also, I couldn't get a good angle/lighting for the after pictures, but you get the idea. The mascara makes my eyelashes look a bit longer and definitely adds some colour to them. My lashes are already long, but don't have much colour to them, so this makes them look really full and opens up my eyes a lot. Without the mascara my lashes are kinda.....ginger with grey ends, not something that I want to show off on here, but I gotta give you an idea of what the mascara does :)

You can buy this mascara from here for EUR 5.95 (not quite sure how much that is in GBP)

What do you think? Would you try this mascara?
Laura x


  1. This looks and sounds interesting, but I have never heard of the brand either - its not available here in Australia either!!


    1. It's frustrating because it is a really nice mascara :)
      Laura x


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