Saturday, 1 December 2012

REVIEW | REVIEW | Maghrabian Oil Treatment.

Hello lovelies! 
If you can remember, back in September's Glossybox there was a sample bottle of Maghrabian Argan Oil Hair Treatment. Well, I have finally finished using mine and thought it was time to give it a proper review.
You can get 100ml for £24 here
Hair oils seem to have swept their way onto the beauty scene and made their mark super fast. I, myself, wasn't really interested in them until I got the sample in Glossybox, I thought the price tag on most oils were a little expensive and I didn't want to splash out in case I didn't like them, so this was a little gem to be sent.

Before I used this oil the ends of my hair were like straw, they felt wirey and split ends were everywhere, I can only say that that is probably from years of dyeing it and I hardly ever get it cut, oops! But after a couple of applications of this oil, my hair felt a lot softer and the split ends looked a lot less visible then the awful mess they were before. 

I apply this oil after I wash my hair. I run a small amount through the mid-lengths to the ends and then blow dry. It's a simple application and the reward is the ends of your hair feel silky smooth. I promise you, you wouldn't regret buying this oil, it's a little very pricey at £24, especially when the L'Oreal oil is only £10 for the same amount of product, but I know for a fact that my hair wouldn't be as nice as it is now without this oil. Saying that, I definitely can't afford to re-purchase, sadly.... so, what oil would you recommend that is on a budget?
Laura x


  1. Have you seen the one in Primark? Its only 18ml for £2.50, i bought it as an impulse buy when i got caught in the rain and ran in to shelter. Its actually really good, and has really improved my hair! I'm thinking of moving onto a more expensive one when im finished with this.
    Great review! xx
    Cat x

    1. Thanks hun!

      My Mum is actually a big fan of this, she's bought about 5 bottles within the past month or so. I keep meaning to pop in to grab a couple, but it's been hectic lately, so I might way until after Christmas and give it a go :)

      Laura xoxo


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