Friday, 21 December 2012

iPhone 4 Cases from Poundland!

I've mentioned that about a month ago my parents gave me an iPhone 4 as an early Christmas present (squee!) and like the worrier I am, I keep thinking i'm going to scratch it or chip it or even drop it. So, I was looking out for a case to protect it in case any of the above were to happen. I didn't want to pay more than £10 for one because I am a cheap skate! So, I had a look in Asda, on and in Tesco for one, but couldn't find one I liked. About a week ago, we went into Poundland to get something to drink (as ya do!) and I saw a small section with phone accessories, so I had a little look through and came about two really cute cases that were for the iPhone 4, score! After about 5 minutes of going through them I decided on these two.
The pale blue floral one is a slightly padded flip over protective cover which is what I was looking for. It has a simple case inside that you clip your iPhone into and then you're good to go. No faffing about, it's lovely!
The snowflake case is just a simple plastic backing case, I'm using this one at the moment as it's Wintery and the pattern is really lovely. It clips on really easy and is something simple and cheap to protect my phone with.

The best bit about these is that they were £1 each. That beats spending £20 to me! Total bargain. I can't fault either of these cases, so I'll definitely be popping back in come the new year to stock up on some new cases :)

Laura xoxo
Twitter: @timess_infinity


  1. These are super cute! Great find :) x

  2. I love the floral one! I literally just got my iPhone yesterday so I might go and have a look :) xx

    1. It's so pretty! Especially for £1 :)

      Laura xoxo

  3. Just added your button in return. Thank you. :) xx



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