Saturday, 8 December 2012

Roundup - Instagram #2

How are you all doing this cold, cold day? I think I officially finished my Christmas shopping this morning, I got Alex the newest Guinness Book of World Records and my Mum the 'last ever' Westlife concert on DVD (which she stole & is watching now!), so I can now relax and breathe....I can't believe Christmas day is in seventeen days, where has this year gone?!

Anyhoo, I forgot to add my latest instagram pics, so I thought i'd just do a big post here. I will say that they aren't interesting at all, this week has been slightly boring and I haven't been anywhere to get anything interesting captured, so....sorry for the snoozefest!

Got my copy of Glamour w/ free The Body Shop gift card || Caribbean Crush Lucozade is yummy! || Had a cider with Alex || Terry's Chocolate Orange Ice Lolly || Limited Edition || NOTD

Getting into the Christmas spirit || Our wonky Christmas tree || My advent calendar ||
I tweeted this to John Bishop || PGR reached 5000 pageviews! (thank you) || Sunset ||
Alex/my dog, Spot || Christmas playlist || First Christmas card

I will now finish up watching Westlife in concert, then clean up my messy bedroom and get ready for the X Factor. Who do you think is going to win? I'd like Jahmene to win, but I doubt the public will get what they want....
Laura x

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