Sunday, 23 December 2012

HAUL - Featuring Garnier, Beauty Formulas & Neutrogena.

This post has been in my drafts for about a week now and I thought i'd get it posted because a lot of my posts after tomorrow will be to show off my Christmas pressies! Well, the cosmetic ones, since i'm hoping my Mum's paid some attention to my constant hints for makeup brushes and Soap & Glory products!

This post is a haul, it's not make-up as I only really buy that when I need it, these are just beauty top ups for my everyday routine. So, I hope you don't mind this post.
First up is Garnier Pure Anti-Blackhead Deep Pore Wash. I reviewed this product a few months ago (read it here) and have continued to use this ever since. This is one of the best face washes I have used, it makes my pores less noticeable and has helped to prevent blemish breakouts occurring. 10/10
Second up is the two Oil of Aloe moisturises. One is a day cream, the other a night cream. I'd originally only used the day cream because I wanted to see what the cream was like. I'd been using that in conjunction with the Re Gen Cream (review here) and it worked really nice for a day cream and my make-up went on really well over the top of it. I got the night cream too, but the first night I tried this, I woke up with spots all over my forehead, so I'm staying off it until after Christmas, don't want a pimple galore morning on Christmas Day! But the day cream is really lovely. 7/10
Up next is a box of 6 Beauty Formulas Cleansing Nose Pore Strips. I've been using these for a few years (read my review here) and they're amazing! I know blackheads aren't a very glamorous thing to talk about, but these lovely strips work wonders. They dry to your nose and then pull out the blackheads really quick and easy, they're the best solution to blackheads. (They also have forehead and chin strips!) 
P.S I forgot to picture the front, how? I do not know. So here's a picture of the back :) 10/10
Lastly, this is Neutrogena's T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo. I suffer from a really bad dry scalp, I have done since I was little and eczema was the culprit behind it. I've found that the only shampoos that take away the itchyness and get rid of the flakes (eww!) is either Nizoral or this T/Gel. The T/Gel absolutely stinks of tar, it makes me think of when the roads get re-tarmacked, but it works perfectly and gets rid of any embarrassing dandruff, it's amazing. 10/10
I bought all these from the Bodycare shop and expected it all to cost my around £20. The shampoo is normally around £5 by itself, but I got it for £.79, which was a bargain in my eyes. But all these products cost me less than £10! So, I now know that my essentials are far more cheaper from Bodycare than any other shop in town :)
Quite a good job, if I do say so myself :)
Merry Christmas, lovelies!
Laura xoxo
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  1. I need a new face wash for my blackheads so bad! This one looks promising so i think im gonna try this one out :)

    1. Well, I like it and it definitely makes my skin look cleaner :)

  2. I have the coal tar shampoo and it works really well for me although the scent is horrible! x

    1. I know! The smell is horrible. I would never have used it unless my doctor suggested it. It's work amazingly though, you're right :)


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