Monday, 17 December 2012

Avon 3 for £10 Bargains!

Christmas is only eight(!) days away and there's only so many online shopping days left. I was trying to think of something else to buy my Mum for Christmas, so I decided to have a look on the Avon website. Whilst I was scanning their website I came across a little bargain page where everything was 3 for £10. Most of the items on the list are £8-£9 each by themselves, so this is a bargain that can't be missed! I looked at all of the products and thought these were the most appealing and definitely something I would buy!
#1 is a pot of 'illuminating face pearls'. I actually own these and they are lovely! They are little pearly balls that when applied to the cheeks gives them a really nice sheen and highlights the cheekbone. This product is £9 for a 22g pot or 3 for £10. HERE.

#2 is a mattifying foundation. I haven't tried this, but it has got some really good reviews on websites that i've looked at. 'Fresh-looking, lightweight, liquid formula mattifies t-zone while moisturising dry skin', so this would work perfectly for my combination skin! This is £8 for 30ml or 3 for £10. HERE.

#3 is a lovely looking 'ultra colour rich moisture seduction lipstick'. Sounds fancy schmancy! I picked this because it looked different to any other lipstick I've seen. 'Rich, ultra-creamy lipstick intertwined with ribbons of hydrating moisture to give you seductively dewy lips with SPF15'. A lot of people don't think about sun protection for the lips, so this would be perfect AND it looks Christmassy!  This is £8.50 or 3 for £10. HERE.

#4 is a lovely duo eyeshadow set which features a lighter shadow and a darker shadow to create a nice smokey eye effect. There are three different sets to choose from: Black Pearl, Fresh Jade or Healthy Glow. (I liked the green and the healthy glow sets best), 'Incredible smooth, blendable powder that glides over lids, Gives dramatic depth of colour in a luxurious, silkly texture. Crease-proof colour stays true for up to 12 hours'.
This is £6 or 3 for £10. HERE.

#5 is a lovely pair of 'whimsy winter snowflake earrings'. These are silver plated earrings with glitter details, they look gorgeous and the box is so perfect to give as a Christmas present to someone.
These are £6 or 3 for £10. HERE.

#6 is a mini 'Far Away' spray. I love mini perfumes as they fit perfectly into a handbag without you having to worry about lugging around a full sized bottle. I also love the Far Away perfume. A lot of people think i'm too young for it because my Gran wears it, but I think it smells lovely. 'Exotic essences of rare florals spiced withamber and musk, all in a handy purse spray'.
This is £6 for a 15ml or 3 for £10. HERE. 

There are several other products on the bargain list, but I really liked these ones the best. I'll post the link to the page HERE in case you decide you're going to buy anything, the date for last online buys is in 3 days, so get a hurry on!

Laura xoxo
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