Sunday, 2 December 2012

After Christmas Wishlist.

Hello lovelies!
I know we aren't even over Christmas yet and December has only just begun, but i'm not going to be getting any money until after then, so I thought i'd put together a little wishlist for when I will have money to buy myself a little treat. Most of these things are what everyone's raving about and what most beauty bloggers love, so if you have any suggestions on alternatives feel free to drop a comment below!

1. Make-up Brushes - I don't use brushes to apply my make-up but a lot of you guys say that they make foundations and eyeshadows smooth on easier and look better, so hopefully i'll pick myself some up after Christmas is over with and the sales are on!

2. Mythic Oil - If you read my previous post where I ramble about a hair oil I've been using, you'll know i'm looking for a new one to use. I found this on Amazon for around £11 for 125ml, so this is definitely an option.

3. L'Oreal's Extraordinary Oil - This is the one that i've been eyeing up as it's £10 and I can just pop into Tesco and buy it, I don't have to travel and spend more money! (Yes, i'm a cheapo!)

4. Fit Me Foundation - The beauty blogs are all a buzz with this new foundation and I really want to give it a go. I ordered a free sample but got sent a shade too dark, so...I might buy this one day to try out as there shade system seems to be the easiest i've ever seen.

5. Toni & Guy Sea Salt Spray - I've been wanting to try out a sea salt spray for a few weeks and every one i've seen has been pricey, but this one by T&G is around the £6 mark, which isn't too bad. My hair is so flat, I'm hoping this will add some texture to my hair and pump it up a little bit. (Updated from draft: My Mum bought me the Superdrug version this afternoon).

6. Bourjous Healthy Mix Foundation - This has been a foundation i've wanted to try since I saw Bubz over at BubzBeauty talk about in her videos. I've been keeping my eye on it but the price doesn't seem to move and I cannot afford £12 on a foundation, probably not even after I start getting money again. But it's something I really want to try.

7.  Nail Art Pens - I've recently got into adding some creativity to my nails and these would come in SO handy! I cannot stand using cotton buds for polka dots, so the sooner I get these in my life, the better!

So, this is my 'After Christmas Wishlist', I might get some of these in my Christmas stocking, if I don't....that's what the January sales are for :)

Laura xoxo
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