Sunday, 4 November 2012

WISHLIST | The Weekend Wishlist.

I wasn't planning on going anywhere else today after surviving this morning out and about, 
but my Dad came home and said my cousin is having a bonfire and wants us all to go down.
I've never been a fan of family bonfires, clothes stinking of smoke and socialising with family you can't stand, isn't my idea of a fun night. I like the fireworks though, which is my favourite part, they are so pretty!

So, my Weekend Wishlist was put together in five minutes today. For the only reasons that, I'm trying to avoid eyeing things up as I just spent last night buying a few presents on my Mum's and Alex's Christmas Wishlists, so now i'm a little hard up on money. But I found a few things, as usual, that tickled my fancy.

Of all the MUA palettes, this is my favourite. The colours are so pretty and not sparkly, yay!
So, this is definitely going to be on my list in the January sales :)

2 - Checked Longline Shirt - Asda - £14.00
This is really pretty, I love the colour of it and I love that it's long, I don't like short tops as 
they don't fit me properly. And I think my love for checked shirts is coming back!

3 - Ombre Stud Sweater - Asda - £12.00
Again, something purple. I love the ombre style, i've been thinking about doing my hair ombre,
but too scared to try it! But I love the grey/purple gradient, it's so pretty.

I've been wanting to try this since it was first advertised as the shade range seems quite big and I was hoping i'd get a match for my skin tone. I just ordered a free 7 day sample from Maybelline's website, so if I like the samples, I'll definitely be buying this. Plus it has SPF18, whish is never a bad thing.

What do you think to this weekends picks?
Laura x


  1. My fave has to be the checked shirt! I was trying to find a decent length one in Primark the other day to wear with leggings(something long enough to actually cover my bum lol) but had no luck. So I think I'll go have a look at this one :)

    Great wislist! Looking forward the foundation samples ;)

    Laura x

    1. I know! I like when shirts cover up my bum, sounds weird, but it's an essential feature for me when it comes to tops.


  2. hello! I love your blog and I've tagged you in the versatile blogger/liebster award on my blog, It would be lovely if you could take a look!

    1. Ooh this looks exciting, thank you for nominating me <3


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