Sunday, 25 November 2012

REVIEW | Prime It Illuminating Primer & Almay Skin Balance.

Hello lovelies!
A lot of you guys do reviews on primers and include them in your daily make-up routine, but they were always something I passed on, but I thought with Winter coming in I needed something to go under my make-up to prevent my skin drying out with the terrible weather we've been having. So, a few weekends ago I went out specifically to find myself a nice new primer!
After looking around several shops and deciding that they were all way to over-priced for my liking, I was going to give up until I popped into 'The Original Factory Shop' & 'Bodycare' and found two that I liked the look and sound of and the pricing wasn't too silly.

ALMAY smart shade smart balance. Skin balancing makeup.
I picked this one up from my local factory shop as it was in a sale, it was down from £4 to £2, so I decided to snap it up straight away. I'd been contemplating about buying some Almay products as the reviews i've read have given them really positive feedback. It's also supposed to be really great for oily skin, which I have, even now in the Winter, bahh! Although this can be used as a primer, I've used it by itself with a bit of powder and it's really nice alone, so it's a nifty 2 in 1 product.

''Prime It'': Illuminating Face Primer.
I picked this up from Bodycare for under £4. I'd seen a review on Ellie's blog for a product similar to this and this one was a fraction of that price, so I thought i'd give it a go. It claims to 'add luminosity, brighten and even out the complextion and minimise imperfections', so quite a big promise for the skin!

Have you guys tried either of these products?
Laura x

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