Wednesday, 7 November 2012

REVIEW | HAIR | Pantene Pro-V Hair Treatment.

I've been dyeing my hair since I was thirteen (something I wouldn't recommend!) which has left my hair quite damaged, dry and with tonnes of split ends, which makes my hair look even worse. I was never into hair treatments or deep conditioners until the new and improved Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioners came out. I was in love with the shampoo when I first tried it and I still am now, it makes my hair super soft and the split ends appear fixed (for a short while).

When I was having a wander through Poundland, I saw these on the hair care section and snapped them up! I know there's been a dispute lately over pound shops selling brands without their permission or the products being years old, but for a pound i'm not going to complain since these are around £5 in the shops and if they do the job, then why not?

I got the Colour Therapy 3 Minutes Damage Rescue Treatment as I'd just dyed my hair at the time and my hair was in major need of a bit of a deep condition. I'm quite happy to say that this conditioner made my hair feel amazing, it made my hair colour seem more vibrant and the colour lasted longer than it usually does, so that was a bonus! If you're looking for something to give your hair colour a boost, have a go at this treatment.

I also got the Full & Thick Strengthening Intensive Treatment which contains Tri-Amino and pro-v complex which help smooth out the hair and leave you with a head of healthy full and thick hair. I can't say it makes my hair feel as good as it claims, but I definitely see a difference when I've conditioned and dried my hair. It looks smoother and feels a lot softer, it's a decent hair treatment for a small British £1 coin.

I don't have these to hand at the moment, but I think the tubs are both 200ml each which will last you a good few treatments. So if you're looking for a cheap deep conditioner then these are really good and i'd recommend them to all!

Get down t' poundshop!
Laura x

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