Monday, 12 November 2012

RAMBLE | Oy with the poodles already!

I know, I know. This is another babble post from yours truly, but do not fret, I plan on uploading some photos tonight and getting some new reviews written up. I know my rambling on isn't too interesting to you, but I will have a new post tomorrow featuring an all new product that I've reviewed. Hoozah! (The title is from an episode of Gilmore Girls)

How cute?

Every year when the X Factor starts I always say that i'm not going to watch it because I know that it's fixed. My brother's friend worked there when Leona Lewis was on the show and he said that he heard the production team say she was going to win way before she got to the finals. BUT every year I end up watching it just to see who's on it or if anyone can actually sing. This year has been the worst I can think of since it started. The only ones that I like and think can sing are Ella and Union J. The fact that Rylan is still in there and he cannot sing to save his life is beyond me, I can't even imagine people voting for him. All I keep thinking is, he must have a big family out there.

I'm a Celeb is rubbish, too, this year. Helen Flanagan constantly having her boobs out is doing my head in and the trial tonight was pathetic. I hope she gets booted out or at least gets given all the trials to do, she might stop being a spoilt brat then and think about her team going hungry. Out of the 'celebs' in there, I kinda want Ashley to win this one, I wasn't a big fan of the Pussycat Dolls, but she seems a lot more down to earth and real then I expected. She seems like someone who's going to be able to do the trials without chickening out, so I want her to get to the end.

Onto other news: tonight I am planning on getting a lovely soak in the bath with a lovely bath bomb and then watching either 'Post Grad', 'Burlesque' or more episodes of 'The Gilmore Girls'. Sounds boring, but it's better than sitting alone crying because Alex has gone home for the night. Pssh.

Tunage: I'm usually into new music and have all sorts downloaded, but I seem to be quite behind on what's 'in' right now (besides Gangnam Style, of course!). So do you guys have any recommendations for me? I'm not into club music or heavy metal stuff, they both seem the same to me but with different instruments....I'm kind of in love with the band 'Imagine Dragons' at the minute, check them out if you don't know who they are. 

        Christina Aguilera has a new album coming out this month and i'm usually really excited for new music from her, but her music of recent years has been rubbish especially Bionic, what the hell was that? All her lyrics seem to be about sex lately, which isn't really needed, I mean, I realise that Stripped was obviously about that too, but at least she had songs like 'Beautiful' and 'Fighter' on that album and it was more of a rock album then the stuff she does now....I don't know. Maybe, i'll give it a listen since she's my favourite female vocalist of all time AND the first concert I ever went to.

Hey guys, did you know Christmas is coming? I just saw the Coca Cola advert and that says to me Christmas is closing in, yay! I always get super excited about Christmas. I love the run up with the music, movies, food and presents but then the day is sad because then we've got another year to wait for it to happen again and that warm feeling to return. I really hope it snows this year though, snow just makes it more special in my eyes, so let's all pray for snow this Christmas :D

In other news, I'm in love with the Dairy Milk bar with the Oreos in it. It is orgasmic! Nom! So, I guess that's it. Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment. (Photos are from

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  1. This was a lovely little post! It's nice to see something more chatty and personal on blogs instead of review after review, really enjoyed reading it :) x

    1. Thanks! I sometimes get a little hesitant to post things like this as some people just like the review side of the blog, so thanks for saying that. I really appreciate it :)

      Laura xoxo


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