Thursday, 1 November 2012

PURCHASED | Primark & Hair Dye.

 Just posting a couple of things i've bought the past few weeks, i've bought several things but this post would be too image heavy if I posted all of them, so this is just part one.
 Nice 'N' Easy Non-Permanent Colour in Mahogany, I always love having a bit of red in my hair and I thought it looked pretty, so i'll be doing my hair one day this week.
My Mum bought me these from Primark at the weekend, they were £10. They are really lovely and thick, so they'll definitely keep my warm in these cold months.
This top was bought from Primark in Huddersfield a few weeks ago. I can't remember the price of it, I'm going to guess it was around £6...I loved the stud spikes on the shoulder pads and the skull print on the front. It's just a really lovely top.

So, I hope you like these odd bits, what have you bought lately?
Laura x

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