Friday, 16 November 2012

Nail Polishes from Poundland, Pt 2.

Hello lovelies!
I seem to have written a new post every day lately, I hope this isn't annoying anyone. I pretty much enjoy just getting rid of the photos I already have uploaded on my computer and posting my reviews on them all, so that I can get some new ones put up. So, don't be annoyed if I start bombarding you with review after review, just clearing up my computer. So, just so you know some of these reviews might be of products i've bought the past month or so, I hope you like reading them all anyways :)

I was in my favourite shop again last week, Poundworld(!) and found these W7 Nail Polishes tucked away in the tiny beauty section that my 'local' shop has. Since I actually quite like W7's polishes because the polish itself always glides on smoothly for me and doesn't give me any bother. So when I found these I was excited as I don't own any coloured crackle polish besides the black/gold ones and for a £1, I couldn't leave them in there screaming my name.
So the ones I got are W7's 'Red Crackle' & 'Mauve Crackle', which as you can see are a lovely red and lilac. As with everything this time of year, I saw the red one and thought of Christmas and thought that this would be lovely over a silver or gold under layer for the festive season.
I haven't tried the red crackle yet, but this is what the lilac one looks like over a powder blue background. I think it's lovely and something different to what I would normally wear, I think this will become a staple in my nail varnish collection for sure.

What do you think? Do you buy your nail polishes from Poundworld?


  1. I really like both of the colours, it's just a shame they are crackles and not normal polishes...I just seem to hate crackle polishes for some reason :/ You've done a nice job with them though :)

    Laura xx

    1. I have a love-hate relationship with crackles, they can dry really well but then dry lumpy, so...I suppose it depends on the polish really.

      I agree though, I wish they were block colours, especially the lilac, it's so pretty!

      Thank you :)
      Laura xoxo


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