Thursday, 15 November 2012

NAILS | Sally Hansen's Chocolate | Nourish Nail Treatment

A couple of weeks ago whilst shopping in Britain's favourite shop, Poundland, I came across some lovely nail polishes and as a nail polish fanatic this was like heaven. Nail polishes for a pound? Yes, please! Now I know it's Poundland and there was the documentary about them selling old cosmetics and blah blah blah, but these seem perfectly fine to me, they aren't gooey or clumpy, so I say why not?
The two nail polishes that I bought were 'Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails' in 'Chocolate' and a nail treatment called 'Nourish: Perfecting Serum anti-age'. The Chocolate polish is lovely, it's not too thick and not to thin, so it glides on lovely and the colour is gorgeous. It's kind of a red-brown which people sometimes associate with rich chocolate, so when it's on it looks really warm and Autumny...if that makes any sense to you.
The 'Perfecting Serum' is just like water, I don't really know what it does. I assume it strengthens the nails and nourishes them which is where the 'anti-age' comes into it. When I apply it it just soaks straight into the nail and disappears leaving behind a clean shiny nail. I have never heard  of nor seen this brand before and I can't find it on the internet, which is disappointing because this really has made my nails a lot stronger and they don't break off anymore, so yay :)
As you can see the  colour of Sally Hansen's 'Chocolate' looks really warm and reminds me of the Autumn kind of style and colours, with the rich browns and reds. I think it's really lovely and it'll be perfect with a bit of sparkle added to it for Christmas!

What do you think to Poundland's cosmetics? 
Laura x

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