Friday, 23 November 2012

Instagram #1

Hello lovelies!
Last week, to my surprise, my Mum walked in and put an iPhone 4 on the table in front of me. She said that it was an early Christmas present! I was flabbergasted, I would have never expected to get an iPhone in all my life. Spending that much money on a phone is ridiculous to me, but I'm so greatful!

A perk to having a modern phone is Instagram! I've been messing around on the phone and downloading apps left, right and centre. As soon as I got it up and running though I headed straight for Instagram. After looking through all the beauty blogs I follow, I noticed Instagram is a big part of most blogs, so i'm super happy to finally make it a feature on my blog, too. 
So here is my first Instagram post :)

#1: Me testing out my camera // #2: Pringles // #3: New Earrings
#4: My gorgeous boyfriend // #5: Trying to write a blog post // #6: Pressies from Alex for our 2 year anniversary :)

I feel like a two year old for being excited over Instagram, but I don't care, I got an iPhone!

Also - today is mine and Alex's two year anniversary! I can't believe we've been together this long, it seems to have flown so fast. He bought me a bottle of Asti Martini (to share of course!), a box of Celebrations (maybe to share ;) and The Five Year Engagement on DVD. I feel bad because I didn't buy him anything this year, I got him something last year, so next year he said we're going to 'do it right'. So, here's to another two years, Alexander <3

Laura xoxo
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  1. Hi Laura!

    Great that you've joined Instagram, what a fab early christmas pressie!

    Add me if you like :)
    My username is: @lauramorrall92

    Laura x

    1. Thank you! I know, i'm still exploring like a little kid :)

      I will definitely go add you :)
      Laura xoxo


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