Tuesday, 13 November 2012

REVIEW | HAIR | Clairol's Nice N Easy in 81 Mahogany

Hello lovelies!
I recently decided to dye my hair again and go for something a little bit different. I usually go for a chestnut brown hair colour, but I decided to go for a dye with a bit more warmth to it.
I picked this hair dye because it reminded me a little bit of Rory's in the later seasons of the Gilmore Girls and I really liked it and thought it would suit my skin tone. This is Nice N Easy's non-permanent hair colour in shade 81 'Mahogany'.  I bought two boxes because my hair is quite long, so these two boxes would cover my entire head and the lengths.
This is the lovely 'in colouring' picture where I sadly ruined one of my favourite t-shirts. 
The dye looks a lot darker than it actually turned out though.....continue to scroll.
As you can see it looks a heck of a lot redder than I thought it would be. The box doesn't even look red, so where the red came from I don't know...I wanted a light brown with golden tones to it but i've now got a full on redhead. I don't mind it, I've had my hair this colour before, but I'm disappointed with how it turned out though. So proof once again the colour on the box is no where near the actual result. So, next time I know to get a darker shade.
Laura x


  1. this colour looks lovely on you! Mahogony dyes are usually a reddish brown I think the colour on the box is a bit misleading with this one. I love Clairols semi permanent dyes, their ash blonde as saved me lots of times when I've bleached my hair and its gone brassy lol xx

    1. I love the colour is turned out, I was just hoping for a warmer colour, oh well. Hehe, yep, I agree the semi-permanant dyes have always worked well with my hair, they're a lot better than permanents in my eyes x


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