Monday, 26 November 2012

First blog sale is on!

Hello lovelies!
I've just had a rummage through my make-up drawer and came across a couple things I don't use now and thought i'd put them up on ebay and try and make some pennies for Christmas. Here's what's on offer if any of you lovelies are interested :)

Natural Collection's Tinted Moisturiser in Beige.
I've tried this once and it was way too dark for my pale skin tone. 
It's a full tube besides the first app and the swatch.
View here.

This was in a giftset I got for my birthday and as i'm not a pink lipstick person, I thought there's no point it just collecting dust in my drawer. It's not a branded lipstick, so i'm not sure on it's staying power, but the colour is really nice.
View here.

Maybelline New York's Dream Matte Mousse in Ivory.
I bought this shade because the porcelain one is too pale, even for me, so I got the shade up, which is too dark! I've only used a bit of it when I was trying it on, so it's technically a full pot.
View here.

L'Oreal's True Match Mineral Foundation in Golden Ivory.
I've tried this once and as always, too dark for me. There's a half a pot left after a bit of a spillage as I accidentally knocked it over when I was trying it out, but as you know, mineral make-up lasts ages, so you should get quite a bit of use out of it.
View here.

Three Sparkle Eyes Glitter Eyeliner.
I've had these ages, but i've never used them. 
They're really pretty colours, but sparkly liners aren't my cup of tea. 
View here.

DKNY Women's Perfume.
I got this as a present, but i'm more a fan of a sweet floral smelling perfume, so this one isn't really something I would go for. It's a full bottle, unboxed.
View here.

If you're interested, go have a look on ebay at them, if you're got any questions just pop a comment below and i'll get back to you asap.

I only accept Paypal at the moment.

Laura xoxo
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