Saturday, 10 November 2012

REVIEW | NAILS | Technic's Carnival Nail Polish.

I have seriously lost count of how many nail polishes I have stashed in my bedroom, but for some reason whenever my family and I go up town, I seem to be bringing back a new nail polish each time which is kinda annoying my Mum, woops! Anyhoo, I popped into my local 'The Original Factory Shop' today and found this sparkly, exciting, colourful polish and I couldn't resist it. Especially at a £1! 
The nail polish is by Technic and it's called 'Carnival' and as you can see from the second picture, it's a clear varnish with multi-coloured glittery bits in it. This nail polish looks really cool over base colours, my favourite would definitely be black nail varnish as it makes the colours really stand out. The polish is really nice and goes on smooth, but to achieve a full on sparkle you do have to layer on a few coats to get it to build up. 
I really like this nail polish, the only thing I can fault on it though is that it's a bit of a pain in the bum to remove. With it pretty much being little pieces of coloured plastic, it does tend to rip cotton pads up as you try and remove it, so I'd recommend you to soak your nails in some remover and then gently scrape it off with a blunt knife or hair pin.
Laura x

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