Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Ladies.

Hello lovelies!
What did you lot think of my wishlist? I think the things that I picked are quite reasonable, they aren't an iPhone, so I think my Mum would have been okay if I had given her that list for Christmas. It's not too expensive and it's not too cheap, which is perfect.

Since I had fun putting together my wishlist, I thought i'd put together a gifts idea post for the ladies. I'm not the best when it comes to gift-giving, I tend to stress out way too much over whether or not something is good enough for that person, whether I bought them enough, whether they got me more than I got them, but then I remember 'it's the thought that counts!'....so I end up just stocking them up on smellies and chocolates!  They are the safest bets when it comes to Christmas presents for me, those and socks, of course.

So this little list has a couple of things that I saw when I was out and about today and thought I myself would enjoy receiving these for Christmas and i'm sure you ladies would also.

Would you put any of these on your Christmas Wishlist?

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  1. soap and glory set already has been on my wishlist!! really cant wait to try it~~

    also wouldnt mind some jewerelly either! x

    1. I love the smell of the S&P products, so I talked my Mum into buying me a body mist set at the weekend :)

      Jewellery is always a nice present a Christmas :)

      Laura xoxo


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