Thursday, 22 November 2012

Barretts Christmas Giveaway!

Hello lovelies!
I was excited to receive an email today from Keiron over at Barratts Shoes asking me if I was interested in entering a giveaway that they were holding. The prize is in two parts and worth £100. 

The first part is worth £70 and is open to bloggers only. To enter this giveaway, you have to create an outfit post for a festive occasion. The outfits should be designed to fit one of a range of Christmassy situations which can be either: A walk in a winter wonderland, a Christmas party, a long shopping day or a Christmas day outfit (for you, a child, or anyone else!)The clothing can come from any website you choose, but the shoes must come from Barretts. Also, don't forget Barretts have their own range or bags and accessories, so you can also use these in your outfits!

This is my attempt for the giveaway, I chose 'a long shopping day' for my outfit entry. Since I have been out and about for hours shopping for the run up to Christmas, this outfit would've come in handy for warmth and the shoes, I'm sure would've kept my feet extra comfy!

The clothing was picked from the Inspire collection over at New Look. The boots and bag are from Barretts!

When you've finished up your entry and posted to your blog, make sure to include the links to the items you've used from the Barretts website and go to Kel Loves blog and leave your entry posts link in the comments. 

The second part is worth £30 and you can enter this giveaway over at Kel Loves via the Rafflecopter.

So what do you think? Will you be entering this giveaway?
Laura xoxo
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  1. Love the coat! :)


  2. Thanks for your entry - great outfit! I love the coat :)
    Kel x


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