Sunday, 21 October 2012

WISHLIST | The Weekend Wishlist.

I'm here today for the Weekend Wishlist post. I made this wishlist yesterday but since then my Mum has bought #2 and #3 for me for Christmas, which is the whole point of a wishlist in my opinion. These are kind of an idea list for my Mum for Christmas presents, so hoorah! Also, FYI - the clothes I pick are usually only available in sizes 18-26 as they are from the Inspire, aka 'plus sized' section, at New Look.

#1: Inspire Plum Wisconsin Eagle Print Hoodie - £12.99 - HERE
I saw this on the website (they never have stuff like this in the tiny Inspire section in store!) and thought that it would come in handy now that Winter is on its way. Plus, I could stop pinching my Dad's hoodie, so he'd be happy! I also really love the colour of it, it's really Autumn-y.

#2: Inspire White Love Robot T-Shirt - £7.99 - HERE
As you can tell, New Look has become a go-to for clothes in my size and when I saw this I knew I needed it in my life. It is so cute!

#3: Inspire Charcoal Eagle Flag Print T-Shirt - £12.99 - HERE
I love clothing that has American states on it or something related to America. I have no idea why, but I just always have. 

#4: MUA Nail Polish Shade 5 - £1.00 - HERE
I'm a big fan of the MUA make-up brand but i've never used their nail polishes before. I had a look on the Superdrug website and found the colours I want the most. Let me know what you think to them, I know they're £1 but I don't want to buy them if they are rubbish.

#5: MUA Nail Polish in Shade 4 - £1.00 - HERE

#6: MUA Prof Nail Quake Nail Polish Broken Arrow - £2.99 - HERE
#7: MUA Prof Nail Quake Nail Polish Shock Waves - £2.99
I've never seen a crackle nail polish in these colours before, so i'm intrigued to see what they look like on.

So there you go. This Weekend Wishlist, what do you think?
Laura x

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