Sunday, 14 October 2012

WISHLIST | The Weekend Wishlist.

I finally put together my Weekend Wishlist after spending last night dwindling it down to just a few items. I usually go for clothes from George at Asda, but they don't seem to have got too many nice things in this week, so I went over to New Look and Matalan to have a gander at their things and found some clothes I wouldn't mind bagging at some point in the future.

Rogers Striped Jumper from Matalan - £18.00
Black Straight Leg Colour Trousers from Matalan - £20.00
Khaki Longline Shirt from Next - £22.00
Inspire Black Cross Print T-Shirt from New Look - £12.99
Strawberry Beanie Hat  from Matalan - £5.00

I know my style looks a little random and odd, I just choose the clothes that I like really. I sometimes try and follow fashion trends but it gets boring and I don't like wearing the same as everyone else. Plus, being a plus sized girl finding clothes that are 'in' is a little harder and more expensive, so I just go for whatever I fancy.

What do you think? Would you pick any of these out?
Laura x

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