Thursday, 4 October 2012

Ten Day You Challenge #02

Hello lovelies, how are you all? I realise that i'm posting this at two in the morning, but me and the boyfriend are currently wide awake watching Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Not sure whether I like it or not, not really into the comic book style of it, to be honest.

Anyhoo, the point of the post is to do #02 of the 'ten day you challenge', can't believe i've almost done it all. I've enjoyed doing the challenge, so if any of you know any more let me know!

#02: SONGS.

#02: 'Blown Away' - Carrie Underwood.
I've been obsessed with this song since I first heard it. I'd never listened to Carrie Underwood before, but I knew of her from Idol. I'm so glad I took a shot and listened to her, she has an amazing voice and this song is incredible.

#01: 'Pull My Heart Away' - Jack Penate.
I first heard this on the credits of 'Charlie St Cloud' and fell in love with it. It's a lot different to stuff I usually listen to and I love Jack Penate's voice.

What do you think? Do you like them?
Also, do you have any song recommendations for me? 

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