Monday, October 01, 2012

Ten Day 'You' Challenge. #04 Books.

Hello guys, good start to the week? I am housebound as I am awaiting a delivery from New Look which has my first ever Inspire order in it! I'm super excited, i've never bought clothes from a New Look shop as I always feel slightly intimidated when I go in, so i've never actually seen if the shops stock Inspire clothing. So, I decided buying online would be a good bet, so i'm hoping to try them out and see if Inspire will be a future go-to clothing range for me! So, i'm super excited for them to arrive. The items that I bought were from my first weekend wishlist, so take a look back and tell me what you think!
#04: BOOKS.
I've always adored reading, but I found lately that i've not been too interested in books, I seem to be taking ages to finish one. I started reading, 'Coyote's Kiss' at the beginning of the year and have still got about 100 pages to read! I'm hoping I will buck up and get back into reading again soon, i've got so many books to get through, my bedroom is full of them!

So, here we go.

#04: 'Thirteen Reasons Why' - Jay Asher.
I love how this book is written and I love the concept of it. It's not the cheeriest book in the world, it is about a girl who commits suicide after all, but the way the book is written is really well done.

#03: 'The Host' - Stephenie Meyer.
Even though I was hooked on Twilight when I was younger, I think it's slightly silly now, there's too much heavy breathing and stuttering in the movies for me to enjoy them. But I liked the books, a lot more than the movies, for sure. So when 'The Host' came out I thought I'd give it a go and I'm so glad that I did. I love this book, but i'm hoping the movie version won't be a let down like the Twilight series. 

#02: 'The Life and Death of Charlie St Cloud' - Ben Sherwood.
This book made me laugh and cry, seriously. It had a really big twist in it that made me stop reading it for a week or so, but in the end I really enjoyed reading this book. The movie did a really good job and did the book justice.

#01: 'Harry Potter & the Deathly Hollows' - J.K.Rowling.
Out of all the Harry Potter books, these are my favourites. I was super excited when the last book came out, and also really sad, but I was really eager to find out what happened in the end. This book, to me, closes up the story so well, and Jo Rowling did an amazing job of bringing the series to an end.

Have you read any of these books? Would you read any of them?
What books would you recommend?

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