Thursday, 18 October 2012

TAG | This or That?

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Blush or bronzer? 
Definitely blusher, I'm far too pale to use bronzer. My last post was about a  bronzer and I do like it, but you have to apply a very light layer of it if you want it to look natural. Bronzer is just too dark on me.

Lipgloss or lipstick?
Not really bothered about either, to be honest. But if I had to choose I'd say lip stick. Gloss is just too shiny.

Chapstick or lip butter?
I've honestly never used a lip butter before (if anyone wants to send me one feel free! ;) so i'd definitely have to say chapstick. My lips get pretty dried out in Winter.

Matte or shimmery eye shadow?
If you've read my blog you'll know that I don't really like shimmery eyeshadows, so i'd definitely say matte. Shimmery clashes too much with my glasses frame.

Gel, Liquid, Cream or pencil eyeliner? 
Pencil for the water line, if i'm going for a fancy look I apply felt tip liner to my lid.

Foundation or concealer? 
Foundation. Concealer is good to add a little more coverage, but I need full coverage and that's what a foundation gives me.

Liquid or powder foundation? 
Liquid. There's a lot more shades and the coverage is better with liquid foundations.

Neutral or statement eye?
Neutral. If i'm going out for a meal with my boy, I may add a bit of jazz to my eyes, make them stand out a little more.

Pressed or loose shadows?
Pressed powder, loose is annoying due to the messyness of it. Plus a pressed powder is easier to travel with.

Waterproof or non waterproof?
Non waterproof. I barely find the energy to remove my normal make-up when I'm tired, so waterproof would take way too long and I just couldn't be bothered.

Brushes, sponges or fingers? 
I tried brushes once and they kept shedding, it might've been the quality (if you know of some good quality, fairly cheap brushes, let me know!). Sponges left streak marks, so definitely fingers. It's easier to blend for me.

Powder, Cream or liquid highlighter? 
I don't actually use any highlighters. I'm not sure where to apply them (again let me know!).

Sorry this was a short one, i'm currently sleepy due to three bottles of wine with my boyfriend. I made us some spicy tomato and pepperoni pasta with chicken / garlic dough balls & croutons for our tea and wine just seemed right to add to it. And if I do say so myself, it was lovely! We're going to watch a couple of episode of The Big Bang Theory and head to b, so goodnight for now lovelies! x
Laura x

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  1. Sonja Kashuk (target) has a great blending brush, and essence of beauty (available at cvs) has a great rounded blending sponge!


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