Monday, 22 October 2012

REVIEW | Nails | OPI Skull & Glossbones | Natural Collection Black Cherry.

Just a quick post today to show off some recent new nail polishes that were added to my collection. I haven't bought any new beauty products lately because i'm quite happy with my skin care regime right now as it seems to be working really well and also, the make-up I currently use is a-okay for the time being. I'm wanting a new blush, so if you know of any that works well with pale skin and is fairly cheap let me know!
On the left is my first ever O.P.I polish called 'Skull & Glossbones'. On the right is a Natural Collection nail polish in 'Black Cherry'.

I say it's my first O.P.I nail polish because I don't believe in spending that amount of money on a nail varnish when you can get eleven from Asda for that price, I know I sound like a cheap skate, but when you're surviving off of JSA you can't afford that amount, especially for one item. I got this one, along with another called 'Stranger Tides', for my birthday from my friend, Fran, so i'm definitely greatful for her good taste :)

The OPI polish is amazing. I found that it covered my nails well with only one coat! I did apply a second out of habit, but the polish lasted a very long time. I'm really impressed with this brand and I look forward to hopefully getting a couple of other colours.
Natural Collection's Black Cherry was also quite surprising to me. The colour, like OPI, covered in just one coat and for the price (£1.99), I'd recommend these all the way!

I was bored one morning whilst my boyfriend was asleep so I got them out and tried to be creative with them. I'm no artist, sadly, but you've got to give me credit for trying. 
Laura x


  1. They look really cute. :) I'm not artistic at all so I just look like i've dropped the nail brush when I try :|

    Lovely post. Hannah @ APMuk. xo

  2. Thank you!

    I know what you mean. I'm thinking off investing in some proper nail art stuff though, I can get an okay right hand, but my left hand messes up so bad.


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