Sunday, 28 October 2012

WISHLIST | The Weekend Wishlist.

How have your weekends been? My weekend has been quite good on the clothes front. I managed to find two pairs of jeans in my size on a market stall, which isn't something that happens a lot to me, as I find market traders only tend to stock 8-14, so score for me! 
My Mum also bought me some thick tights from Primark....Now, if you've read my blog you'll know I hate Primark clothing. I find that only once in a blue moon they get something in that will just fit me, and that's with a major 'just' in front of it, but luckily for me the tights do. I feel quite sad and annoyed actually because they've got some lovely Christmas leggings in, but even their size twenty's are tiny. Just to make it clear though - I'm not complaining about my weight, someone recently blogged saying they hated big people complaining about their weight and i'm not doing that. I'm complaining about Primarks lack of knowledge when it comes to the bodies of bigger women. Primarks size twenty clothing fits my Mum, who is a size sixteen, so clearly they're a few sizes off an actual size twenty.


Anyhoo, this post is just my Weekend Wishlist. I haven't been in many clothing stores this week, so these are from online mainly, I hope you like my picks :)
1. Inspire Grey Washed Skull T-Shirt - New Look - £12.99
2. - Inspire Black Stripe Belted Skater Dress - New Look - £24.99
3. Stripe Chunky Beanie - Matalan - £5.00 (on offer)
4. Eiffel Tower Make-Up Bag - Matalan - £4.00

That's it for this weekend. What do you think?
I'm off now, going to get ready to go see John Bishop at Sheffield Arena :)
Laura x

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