Saturday, 13 October 2012

REVIEW | MUA's Immaculate Collection Palette.

 Hello lovelies! 
This post is to show you guys the 'Immaculate Collection' palette from MUA. I got mine free when the £8 offer was going on a couple of weeks back in Superdrug and I really like it. It's a little bit too shimmery for my liking, but it's got some nice matte colours in it too and they are my favourites.

As you can see from the picture, the palette has twenty four different shades to play about with which includes: five matte colours, thirteen shimmery colours and six glittery colours, so something for everyone! I didn't take a picture of the back of the casing as I didn't really have a good look at it, I was too interested in going through the different shades, but it contains a mini master class on how to do a good smouldery eye make-up, so if you're a beginner this would be perfect for you to start off with! It also has all the shades on the back too, but as with most MUA eyeshadows they don't have names, which is something I wish MUA would start doing because I love quirky names for make-up.

The packaging is pretty basic MUA packaging with the sleek black plastic and clear window (which I mentioned before that I love) with the silver MUA brand writing on the front.

Above is a couple swatches from the palette, I chose the shades that I like the most, if you want the rest just let me know and i'll upload a picture for you. As you can see they're slightly shimmery, but the matte purple and blue are lovely. All of the shades apply really easy and aren't hard to blend once on the eyelid, they are also very pigmented so the colours are really nice on and don't look faded after an hour or so, which is amazing to say that I got it free!
I'd definitely recommend this to you if you're really into eyeshadows, it's a really decent palette and with a lot of options, you can't go wrong.

What do you think to the palette? 
Laura x

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